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1. Introduction

To manage navigation items please go to Appearance -> Menus

  • Name your navigation (so it is meaningful to you)
  • Drag & drop items into the navigation
  • Choose its location
  • Save

2. Navigation look & Additional bar

Navigation versions
You can have multiple navigation – with different logo and look. You can use different navigation for each site if you want. To be able to use different navigation you need to create one or more of navigation versions.

To do so go to Theme Settings -> Navigation Versions

Fill in the details and upload your logo here (if you haven’t logo image, site title will appear in the header of your website). It is important to name your navigation meaningly to you so you can find it easily if you plan to use more than one navigation variant.

Navigation Settings
You can change height of navigation, logo padding and colors for “off canvas” if you added items to burger navigation.

Additional bar
Turn on additional bar in navigation creator (Theme Settings -> Navigation Versions), fill in the details and select styles.

3. Fixed navigation

There is also a fixed navigation option for you, choose to use it, please go to Theme Settings -> Fixed Navigation and turn it on and / or fill in the details.

4. Choose navigation per page

By default each new page will use first navigation that was created. If you want to have different navigation on one or maybe all pages you would need to choose this navigation from within that specific page.


5. Mega Menu

Create mega menu:

  • Go to Appearance -> Menus
  • Name your menu (so it is meaningful to you). Every column in mega menu is a separate menu. Maximum you can have 5 columns.
  • Drag & drop item into the navigation
  • Save


  • Go to Mega Menu -> Add Mega Menu

To create mega menu please go to Mega Menu

  • Create new mega menu
  • Name your mega menu (so it is meaningful to you)
  • Optionally, you can add image to mega menu


  • Optionally, you can add header to mega menu and columns
  • Select menu for every column
  • Save


  • Go to Appearance -> Menus
  • Choose location for mega menu
  • Save


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