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Step 1. Navigation locations


There are seven ( 7 ) pre-defined navigations locations you can use, there are:

  • Home navigation – navigation that template Home uses
  • Additional navigation – top right corner
  • Languages – intended but not limited to language switcher

  • Home 2 navigation – navigation that is only used by Home 2 template

  • Overlay navigation (burger)
  • Overlay secondary navigation (burger)


Step 2. Creating navigation

If there are no navigations at all, you need to create some, or it may happen there will be some menus create when installing theme or demo import.

  1. To create navigation go to Appearance -> Menus
  2. Press create new menu
  3. Name it
  4. Drag & drop items from your right box to the left area
  5. Assign which predefined locations to use
  6. Save


Step 3. Using navigation for not pre-defines locations

Our theme uses custom navigations for in-content navigation, for example:

  • Portfolio – navigations used as filters
  • Default page – navigations used as additional way to “connect” pages

Step 4. Mobile navigation

There is one more predefined location “Mobile navigation” which is used on all mobile devices. You can create separate navigation for your mobile device or you can mark one navigation to be used for two or more locations.

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