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Installation & demo content

Step 1. Installation


Once you’ve downloaded the installation file on ThemeForest, extract it and locate a file called mauna.zip. You can install the theme by using one of two installation methods.

WordPress upload :

  1. Login to WordPress admin
  2. Go to admin panel > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme
  3. Click on “Choose File” and select mauna.zip
  4. Click on “Install Now”

FTP upload – If you wish to install via FTP, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Using FTP client, login to the server where your WordPress website is hosted
  2. Using FTP client, navigate to the /wp-content/themes/ directory under your WordPress website’s root directory
  3. Using FTP client, upload the Mauna directory to themes directory on remote server

Once installation is complete, Mauna theme will be ready to use. You should now see “Theme Settings” appear in the WordPress admin panel.


Step 2. Demo import – optional

For you comfort we have prepared Demo Importer you can find it under Theme Settings -> Demo Import

  1. Select demo you would like to import
  2. Decide if you want to import the Content with settings or Settings only
  3. Press Import button

And you are done!

NOTE: What is the difference between Content with settings and Settings only?

Content with settings will make your site looks like in our demo whereas Settings only will apply settings used and no content will be provided, you will need to create pages, posts etc. this way you can import Settings from our demos and apply them to your existing content.

It is important to understand that importing Content with settings deletes your existing content and replace it whereas Settings only overwrite settings.

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