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Blog & Blog Posts

Step 1. Create “Blog” page

From your site WP dashboard, add a new page, assign Blog template to it, publish.
Tip: to creata a pget go to: Pages -> Add New

Step 2. Create posts & categories

Go to Posts -> Add New and fill the details, upload your featured image that will appear on blog archive. Our blog uses “read more tag” , which when places within the post content marks the amount of text shown on your archive page. If you do not use “read more tag” post will be displayed in full .

Post should be assigned to category, to create once go Posts -> Categories


Step 3. Blog temaplate settings overivew


Options below can be found in: Theme Settings -> Blog


  1. Posts per page – lets you decide how many posts you display
  2. Post date – enable / disbale date
  3. Post categories – enable / disable category on post
  4. Footer – content for footer displayed on blog page


Options below can be found in: Blog page metaboxs


  1. Select navigation type – by navigation we refer to the combination of logo and hamburger menu. On your homepage, you can disable Hamburger menu, this navigation method is available on all pages but hamburger can be disabled exclusively on homepage.We have 4 navigation combinations:
    • Small Logo – light version (intended for dark backgrounds)
    • Big logo – light version (intended for dark backgrounds)
    • Small Logo- dark version (intended for light backgrounds)
    • Big Logo – dark version (intended for light backgrounds)
  2. Blog categories – lets you decide if you want to populate your blog page with content from specific categories
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