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About Page (Vertical Slider)

Step 1. Create “About” page

From your site WP dashboard, add a new page, assign About template to it, publish.
Tip: to creata a page go to: Pages -> Add New


Step 2. Create “About posts” and “Categories”

About page is populated with posts you can create by going to About -> Add About Items and assign it to categories you can create About -> Categories 


Step 3. “About” posts

Each post have several metabox settings, by playing with these you can create a unique look of each of theme.


Step 4. About template settings overview


Options below can be found in: Theme Settings -> About template 

Slider settings:

  1. Next slide arrow – select if about template should contain arrow.
  2. Pagination – Select if about template should contain pagination.

Overlay settings:

  1. Open button – what an open button say
  2. Close button – what a close button say


Options below can be found in: About page metaboxes


  1. About categories – lets you decide if you want to use specific category for your about page
  2. Title font size – default size results from CSS and adapts itself to look at good as possible across all screen sizes, you can override it but the “adaptive” function will not work, your front size will be your declared value ie. 34px
  3. Latter spacing – same as above but in regards to spaces between characters


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