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Blog & Posts


Start with creating categories PostsĀ -> Categories

Create posts

Posts -> Add New

Fill in the details: content, featured image and assign featured image.

Blog page

Create page Pages -> Add New

1. Create blog with Visual Composer

Switch to Visual Composer and choose KlinĀ Blog.


  1. Check categories you would like to use
  2. Select style: list, masonry, carousel, chessboard. All styles you can see here.
  3. Define number of posts per page
  4. Define content position (left, center, right)
  5. Decide if post image should be shown
  6. Decide if post categories should be shown
  7. Optionally you can change settings for button

2. Create blog with Templates

Assign template to a page you have just created ie. Blog Chessboard or Blog List and save, once you do that you will have Blog Settings at the bottom of the page which lets you set categories and post per page.

What is the difference? Well there is not much of a difference. Depending on your use case you may want to use the VC elements when building your page with Visual Composer. You cannot go wrong with any of theme.


There are additional settings in Theme Settings -> Blog

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