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Useful css classes/shortcodes

1. How do I add an underline on hover for link in content?

You should add class “hover-underline” to link in VC editor text.


2. How do I make a drop cap?

You should add “span” with class “dropcap” to first letter of text.


3. How do I make a highlight text?

You should add “span” with class “klin-highlight” to text which you want to highlight.


4. Can I have a button in text?

Yes, sure. You should add a button shortcode to content in editor text.


5. How do I add a gradient background?

  1. Select a place. You can add a gradient background color to any rows or columns.
  2. Choose the gradient coloring direction (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, radial).
  3. Add hexadecimal colors (no RGBA!) and separate values with comma.

Note: You should add more than 1 color to get a gradient.
Klin allows you to easily add an animated gradient background. The only thing you should do is adding minimum 3 colors.

6. How can I create a page with full pages?

  1. Add VC row element to content and choose option “stretch row”. One row element is one full page.

  2. For “Add rows as fullscreen pages” setting (at the bottom of the admin page) choose “Yes”. Optionally set a color for pagination.

Note: Klin Carousel element doesn’t work with full pages at the moment.

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