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Home Page

Step 1. Create “Hemepage”

If you used demo importer, you will probably not need to use it.

From your site WP dashboard, add a new page, assign Home, name it “Home” or similar for your convenience

Tip: to creata a pget to to: Pages -> Add New

Step 2. Set a static front page

Before going any further you need your freshly created page set as a front page. By default WordPress displays the latest posts there – to change please do the following

  1. Go to Settings -> Reading 
  2. Front page displays -> A static page
  3. From the dropdown choose your page

3. Home page settings

Once you create and set your pages you need to adjust the look of your site. Pretty much all the settings can be found at the bottom of your page with template home applied to it.

Navigation Tab

Select Navigation – lets your chose which variant of navigation you wan to use (you need to create the version under Theme Settings -> Navigation Versions)

Navigation Positions – lets your choose it position  – this option is only available on your homepage.

Homepage Tab 

There are various options related to your homepage look, note Homepage Type lets your choose if you want to use static image (featured image) slider, video or Revolution Slider.

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