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Creating Portfolio


To create a portfolio do the follwing

  1. Creata and name a page ie. portfolio under Pages -> Add New
  2. Assign Portfolio Template of your choice to it
  3. Save

There are additional settings at the bottom of the page to manage the content of the portfolio page.

You can either have it display categories or items, depending on your choice you will need to provide relevant item or category ID. You can find the ID by going to Portfolio -> Portfolio item or Portfolio -> Categories


Creating Portfolio Item

To create portfolio item do the following:

  1. Go to Portfolio -> Portfolio categories and add one or more
  2. Go to Portfolio -> Add Portfolio Item
  3. Name it, fill in the details and upload media
  4. Assign it to one of your categories
  5. Save



1.Subtitles is used only in Portfolio Grid Template

2.First photo caption appears only on first photo, if you do not want to have it please leave this blank

3. Details which are visible on the photos come from picture caption, to add them or adjust go to Media.

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