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Gallery / Portfolio

Step 1. Create portfolio / gallery page

Start with creating a menu page Pages -> Add new and assign Gallery template to it. Publish your page.

Now you need to choose type of you portfolio – Gallery type – there are 2 types of gallery “content”

  • Create portfolio from posts – uses custom posts which you can create by going to: Gallery -> Add Gallery Item and assign them to categories  Gallery -> Gallery Categories  
  • Create Gallery from images – lets you upload images within the page you are in at the moment

Step 2. Create gallery categories (optional)

Create categories for your Gallery go to Gallery -> Gallery Categories

Step 3. Create gallery items for gallery type 1

Go to Gallery -> Add gallery item

Name your gallery i.e. Christmas 2015 – this is visible only to you. Upload image to the gallery, the will open in a lightbox.

Step 4. Assign categories

By default gallery page type 1 will use all available categories. If you plan on creating multiple type 1 galleries you can indicate categories which gallery page uses.

To do so, select which category will be used under Gallery options at the bottom of your page.



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