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Food Menu

Step 1. Create menu page

Start with creating a menu page Pages -> Add new and assign Menu or Menu with Sidebar template to it. Publish your page. Do not worry you can always change it later.

Step 2. Create menu categories

Create categories for you menu go to Food Menu -> Food Menu Categories -> Fill in the Name and Description (optional)

Step 3. Create menu items

Food menu -> Add Food Menu Item and fill in the details.

  • Name – will appear as the name of your dish (item)
  • Post content – will appear as the second line, use for i.e. description
  • Praice / Additionl info  – will appear next to the name, use for i.e. price
  • Featured menu item – this will give your item a border indicating the importance of the item i.e. Chef recommends or Special

Step 4. Select categories to use

By default Page with Menu or Menu with sidebar template will use all categories if no categories are selected for your page. If you have one menu, you will probably not use this option but if you are planning on creating multiple menu pages it may come in handy.

To select specific categories for you menu page i.e. Lunch, go to that page, and at the bottom, under Food menu options you will find Food menu categories. Select your categories there.

Note: Order of your categories here will be order it appears in your menu. Order of the menu items can be adjusted by going to Food Menu -> Food menu items. Drag and drop item in the order you wish them to appear.



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